At Crimewatch Security we provide a highly responsive keyholding service with Alarm response. Many holiday home owners or people who are away from their property for long periods, opt to take advantage of our keyholding service. This ensures a swift response in the event of an alarm activation or intruder on site. Our Patrol driver is alerted immediately in the event of an activation or disturbance at your premises. If neccessary they can provide assistance to the emergency services in gaining access to your property.

Often Commercial Business owners choose to use their staff members as keyholders. The staff member who lives closest is the obvious first choice for a keyholder and staff living further away being the next alternative keyholders. Unknown to you, criminals are often aware of this information too –
which places a huge risk on your staff and property.

The majority of Crimewatch Security customers choose to avail of our complete security package. This can be designed to your specific requirements. Services may include monitoring, keyholding, open/close service, mobile patrols and alarm response. Availing of the above services inevitably removes the risk to yourself and your staff providing you with complete peace of mind.

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