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Wirefree Motion Sensor


Detects the movement of any persons that may have entered your home. If triggered a signal is sent directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre.

Crimewatch Recommendation: Add motion sensors to areas you feel need extra protection or as an alternative to a room that may have too many windows to protect eg. A conservatory.

Wirefree Shock Sensor


A great deterrent as once armed it activates on impact with windows or doors preventing any unwanted visitors from gaining entry to your home.

Crimewatch Recommendation: If you are opting for Kit 2 – shock sensors. Be sure to count all your windows in the downstairs of the property, and any on your second floor that an intruder could gain access to via a flat roof or extension, then subtract the 2 sensors that come in your core kit from your total, this number is how many window shock sensors you will need to add to your kit.

Wirefree Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms


Our always on smoke alarm and our always on carbon monoxide alarm send a signal directly to our Monitoring Station if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. These operate even when your alarm is not switched on.

Crimewatch Recommendation: The purpose of our monitored devices are to detect this “silent killer” even when you can’t. Once triggered they send a signal directly to our Monitoring Station. Crimewatch will contact you immediately and if they fail to get in touch will send the fire services to safeguard your safety or that of your loved ones. Our devices are to protect you and your home but are not a substitute for regularly maintaining your chimneys, flues, vents and appliances.