Option 1- Crimewatch Viper Alarm Kit with Shock Sensors




These are your core components, every shock sensor intruder alarm Kit starts with.

1 X Alarm Control Panel Control your alarm from anywhere in the world with our two-way wireless control panel & Home Control+ App.

1 X Shock Sensor –
A great deterrent as once armed it activates on impact with windows or doors preventing any unwanted visitors from gaining entry to your home.

1 X Wirefree Motion Sensor Detects the movement of any persons that may have entered your home. If triggered a signal is sent directly to our Alarm Receiving Centre. (This motion sensor is a compulsory part of this kit – by law, and is usually placed in a hall or on a landing)

2 X Wirefree Door Contacts A magnetic door contact is fitted to the entry/exit point of your home and detects open and close.

1 X Gsm UnitAll our monitored connections now utilise GSM/GPRS technology, ensuring that there can be no interruption in your alarm signal reaching our 24 Hour Monitoring Centre.

1 X  Wirefee Smoke sensor Our always on smoke alarm and our always on carbon monoxide alarm send a signal directly to our Monitoring Station if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide. These operate even when your alarm is not switched on.

1 X Decoy Bellbox & Light packWe fit one Decoy Bellboxes with a flashing light to the exterior of your home to deter any would-be intruders and show that you are protected by Crimewatch Security.

2 X Keytags Swipe card for turning on/off your alarm.

Buy this shock sensor intruder alarm kit for a special price of just €499

Price includes VAT & fitting. All systems come with full 12 months warranty and we provide a 24 hour call out service – 365 days a year.

(core kit is based on a terrace house) (stand alone core kit is based on the coverage of a terrace house)