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Commercial CCTV Systems

CCTV cameras are a necessity today in any shop or business. Year on year, shops are seeing an increase in shoplifting and thefts – and not just from the “public side” of the counter.. The majority of employees are trustworthy and have the success of your business at heart – however sadly there is a minority who will expose any vulnerability in your business practices for their own gain. Installing the right CCTV System will help you to manage these losses and prevent any reoccurrence by putting extra measures in place.

Identifying these losses is the first step, and this is where CCTV in Commercial premises comes into it’s own. A well designed system can pay for itself in less than a week – and once a theft is identified, it can be dealt with and stopped.

The latest systems now offer crystal clear High Definition pictures, viewable both on a HD Monitor/TV and via an App on your Smartphone – allowing you to remotely monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world.

There are a lot of legalities regarding use of CCTV in Commercial premises – however once you advertise the fact CCTV is in operation, all evidence is admissible in Court. In certain instances, we can also provide Covert (hidden) cameras in order to detect sophisticated thefts – or till scans to detect “scan avoidance” scams.

A lot of businesses don’t realise they ever had a problem at all, until they fit CCTV – and in some cases it can be a real eye-opener as to what actually goes on when your not there.

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As with our Domestic systems, all our Commercial systems can also be connected directly to your Smartphone via an App – allowing you to monitor your premises while on the move, or simply check in to see if it’s busy or not.

Our trained team of sales people can visit your premises and work with you to design a system that suits your needs, given the level of risk and the size of the property.

We want the system to pay for itself in the quickest possible time, providing extra security to you and your staff in the process.

We want the right system to WORK for you, so you very quickly reap the benefits of having a simple to use CCTV system at your fingertips.