Domestic CCTV

CCTV Cameras around the perimeter of a home are becoming much more commonplace nowadays, as technology improves and the cost of such systems become more affordable for homeowners.

The latest systems now offer crystal clear High Definition pictures, viewable both on a HD Monitor/TV and via an App on your Smartphone – allowing you to remotely monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world.
Installation of home CCTV means you now have control over movements around the exterior of your property (and inside if you wish), and also provides recorded footage of any visitors or vehicles to the property in your absence.
A CCTV system can help prevent crimes and discourage any intruder from bothering you at home. Sometimes just seeing a CCTV camera or alarm system, is enough to make an intruder move elsewhere. More importantly, a well-designed and functional system can provide your family with an increased sense of security and peace of mind. It is a low-cost investment for keeping an eye on your children, pets, and property.

At Crimewatch, we can sit down with you and discuss your requirements and make recommendations based on the layout of your property. We can identify vulnerable areas which an intruder may take benefit of, and advise on the right type of camera to do the job – such as Night-Vision, Vari-focal lens, Bullet/Domes etc.
We want the right system to WORK for you, so you very quickly reap the benefits of having a simple to use CCTV system at your fingertips.


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